Scott Kinzey, CPA, MST

After earning my Masters in Taxation, I began my career in the tax department of a large Arizona CPA firm in 1983.  After acquiring the needed work hours, I was licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 1985.

I loved working in the tax department, but I wanted a deeper hands-on understanding of all areas of a practice, so after 18 months or so I transferred into the Accounting department. Although this move was questioned by my Tax department peers, it turned out to be prudent since I moved to Springfield, Missouri less than two years later. Practicing in a smaller city like Springfield requires knowledge not only in taxation but also in accounting services.

The move from Phoenix to Missouri was a result of a trip we made to visit the Springfield/Branson area in the summer of 1986. I loved the Ozarks and made a few phone calls to interview with local CPA firms. I accepted a job offer and we relocated within two months.

After working as a CPA for a local firm and eventually as a partner, I started my own practice in 1998. For many years I was a sole practioner until Theresa Arndt CPA became a partner in 2010. Every day I am delighted with that decision as together we are better able to support the needs of our clients. We both enjoy leveraging new technology since it benefits both our staff and our clients.

Recently, all this technology has allowed me to relocate to Sedona, AZ for my wife Pam’s health. Thanks to all our paperless advances the team can work no differently than if we were across town and the office presence in Springfield gives me a place for clients to drop off and pick up papers. Clients can still communicate with me face to face via Skype or FaceTime to talk about their concerns…or even just to say hello and catch up. They can also stop by and have teleconferences with me from our offices if they dont have the necessary equipment at their business. It’s working great!

In December 2016 I moved my office from my home in Sedona to a brick and mortar location in Cottonwood on Cove Parkway just 20 minutes away. In August of 2017 my wife and I purchased a house in Cottonwood which has the small town feel like I loved in Monett, Missouri. It just feels like home.

Member of the Arizona Society of CPA’s.

Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).


Scott’s Other Talent

I’m a model railroader and love building highly detailed train models. OK, maybe I love details a bit too much.

For years I had been building small scenes covered in a glass case called “dioramas”.   I have only one left and kept at my office with the other five in museums.   Dioramas are a great way to enjoy building highly detailed minature scenes if you don’t have enough room to build a train layout.

My model railroading dream was to get a picture of a model that I built published in a hobby train magazine. This happened starting in 2007 with the publishing of the Clyde Kinzey freight forwarding scene in Fine Scale Railroader. In 2008 the Foss Landing was published followed by the Railroad Car Repair Shop which are all listed below as a link to the original article and pictures.

In late 2015 I became interested in Sn3 gauge modelling.  For years I had heard about Sn3 gauge (1/64th scale which is between HO and O gauge) and admired PBL’s beautiful locomotives which come fully weathered and made of brass with exquisite running capabilities. The downsides were the price of the locomotives and the limited building kits and detail parts available for Sn3. In the summer of 2015 I got serious about switching to Sn3 and was sold; within weeks I sold most of my On3 items. I purchased three Sn3 locomotives and met the owners of PBL (a great story that I’d be happy to share over the phone). I also started building a movable train layout in Sn3 along with building rolling stock and buildings.

My entire third bedroom is now the home of my current Sn3 layout.   I’m modeling the era of   fearly 1940’s of the Denver Rio Grand Western railroad that operated in South West Colorado.

Clyde Kinzey Freight Company

The Clyde Kinzey Freight scene is what I imagine a freight forwarding service in the Colorado Rockies in the 40’s might have looked like. Click here to see Scott’s published article.

Repair Shop

This railroad car repair shop scene is one of my favorites. I have a few hidden surprises in this one that give it special meaning to me. Click here to see Scott’s published article part 1. Click here to see Scott’s published article part 2.

Foss Landing

Foss Landing is a picturesque harbor scene set in the 1930’s. Dioramas with water features have their own unique challenges. Click here to see Scott’s published article part 1. Click here to see Scott’s published article part 2.

Scott’s Hobby Links